Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I wore alot of eyeliner today cause of a certain friend named Karen. Yah, so some people were pretty rude today. Especially these people, AN, JASDEEP, MEHNAZ, SABAH, and I forgot the rest. Oh and FOREST. Melissa R. Was the only ''nice'' one. The rest of you guys are haters. Yah, so I joke , guys if your reading this I don't mean it. I love you guys <3.

What do you guyz think?

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Dumb blog name..

So,I'm at sitting on my seat in Geography right? And then I write down my blog to my friend on a piece of paper for my friend Jasdeep. She looks at it then rips it up in to pieces and throws it on my desk. I'm like , '' What was that for? '', and she's like, '' Its dumb...HAHA.'' I'm like, ''Why, cause of the blog name?''. And she starts to laugh. I mean is my blog name that bad??? Oh well, so Jasdeep if you are reading this YOU ARE LAME! I joke. =) Yah, so my point is... well there is no point.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

<------ What do you guys think of this outfit? I created it myself. Does this prove that I love fashion? Lol. Probably not. <--- This was soo RANDOM.
..Being this probably my second post I haven't tolen you much about myself. My name is Hanan and I am an outgoing person. I extremely love Fashion and Art. Sometimes I might go places looking like a fashion slob, but when I'm serious one day I strive to look good. =)

My fav colours are purple, baby pink, and light gold. I bet there are many of you who probably like the same colours. I am and Aries and I am PROUD!! I love to write poems and I hope to soon post them on my blog. This will be interesting! ''muahahahah''. Okay.. weird. O_o.

Anyways, I love my family and friends very much. I'd post their names and why they are awsome friends but I would need to have their permissions first! Hopefully, I'll have time to post new things on my blog. Really busy right now. I'll be back soon.

Funky yet casual outfits.. eh?

Yup. So maybe this is a bit off topic but I decided to add some Fashion stuff here in there. Check out this outfit I created. Tell me what you think.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

This is For You!

So, I came up with this blog randomly. I was surfing the internet and then I thought '' hmm , why not create a blog?''. I've always wanted to create something that this world hasn't seen before and somehow change the way we see things differently. Whether it be sometime type of a fundraiser or some type of a huge business concerning racial differnces. Okay, this is getting boring for my first post. Let's just get to the fun stuff. Things that'll be posted on this website will have to do with;

- Believing in yourself ( not literally though )
- How you can help others
- How to dress modestly
- Recycling and composting properly
- and... SO MUCH MORE!

Basically, it may sound B-O-R-I-N-G, but I'll try and post interesting stuff in here. Ofcourse, this blog isn't always about you. I'll always be posting things about the outside world. Things youve probably never heard of and things you've probably never seen before. If any of you have suggestions to what I should add to this blog just email me at :believe-inyourself@hotmail.com

Just by reading my first you may or may not be bored to death. Its pretty late right now so my lack of typing this for you guys is quite funny. Hope my first post was a joy to read! Lol. =)