Saturday, March 21, 2009

This is For You!

So, I came up with this blog randomly. I was surfing the internet and then I thought '' hmm , why not create a blog?''. I've always wanted to create something that this world hasn't seen before and somehow change the way we see things differently. Whether it be sometime type of a fundraiser or some type of a huge business concerning racial differnces. Okay, this is getting boring for my first post. Let's just get to the fun stuff. Things that'll be posted on this website will have to do with;

- Believing in yourself ( not literally though )
- How you can help others
- How to dress modestly
- Recycling and composting properly
- and... SO MUCH MORE!

Basically, it may sound B-O-R-I-N-G, but I'll try and post interesting stuff in here. Ofcourse, this blog isn't always about you. I'll always be posting things about the outside world. Things youve probably never heard of and things you've probably never seen before. If any of you have suggestions to what I should add to this blog just email me at

Just by reading my first you may or may not be bored to death. Its pretty late right now so my lack of typing this for you guys is quite funny. Hope my first post was a joy to read! Lol. =)


  1. How abt if you added a post about different cultures?